“I create sculptures but I don’t sculpt,
I build.”


Christel Sadde creates sculptures in movement. Trained as a graphic designer and inspired by geometric abstraction and kinetic art, she has been developing her research for 20 years around the representation of a poetic and aerial lightness.

Through her large suspended mobile sculptures that come to life with air and light, Christel manages to defy the laws of weightlessness by making shapes and lines dance in space.

In order to create a strong poetic impact, Christel Sadde creates only large mobiles whose volume she adapts to the architecture of a place. All over the world, luxury brands, architects and individuals call upon her creativity.

In addition to her custom-made hanging sculptures, Christel Sadde also creates very limited edition sculptures on base. While she mainly uses aluminum and steel to build her large mobiles, Christel Sadde also uses stainless steel, brass and wood in the making of her standing sculptures.

Since 2020, she opens her field of creation to artists’ jewelry, to painting and to a more raw, freer sculpture.

Christel Sadde lives between Paris and Nièvre where she has anchored her studio since March 2023.

Christel Sadde is a member of the Maison des Artistes and the Ateliers d’Art de France.